MPI v9 Configuration Management and DSL Management

Main functionalities :

- Assets and configuration Management:

- The management of the technical configurations allows the management of the configurations of servers, networks,…. It allows the management of other technical or administrative CI according to the model of CMDB you have designed.

- Management of the configurations software: authorized releases of software, packages, management of the licenses, links with the technical configurations, the business processes (services), DSL,…

- Management of the IT services and Business processes:

- Management of the users on 2 levels in the current release (Department, user), the release 9 will allow an unlimited tree structure.

- Management of the contracts and licenses of all types, links with the Service Level Management.

- The MPI Configuration Management includes a reconciliation software module with the tools of real inventories, in accordance with ITIL (MPI Collect): The choice of the tools of inventory is free.

- The Configuration Management includes for each CI of reference frame (Technical CI, SCI, Processus,…) :

The management of the configurations is dependant with the whole of the other ITIL processes:

Security Management to MPI access

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