Sextant-SI Group

Founded in 1992, Sextant-SI has attached particular importance to service engagement respect, offering its clients service conventions with compulsory results since 1996. In this area, their company develops ITIL directives and participates in itSMF actions as a founder member.

Education and training

They also participate in  workshops on education. Their involment in IT service Managing directives development brought them in touch with Evry University: in 1998, they originated educational concepts concerning IT operating careers.
The firm is responsible for one of these academic courses. Sextant-SI training business developed IT service operating careers. The course featured subjects from ITIL process mastering, programming, implementation and configuration item documentation, rule determination and respect, service level adaptation to company strategy.

MPI software edition, ITIL-compliant

Merging their know-how and tools, the company was able to create integrated IT Service Management software using a single, complete database: MPI (Management of Process and Infrastructure for IT services). MPI is ITIL-compliant and enables the client to structure ITIL directives and to keep great freedom of choice concerning IT Service Management process organisation and detail levels.
Taking ITIL directives a step further, MPI enables the client to define IT service organisation from their company business processes. Sextant-SI have also integrated complementary functions into MPI, making daily IT Service Management and interoperability with other market tools easier.
MPI’s objective is to make IT service quality and cost monitoring better and easier..

Operational Management – Outsourcing

Managing partially or completely, data-processing centre operations is the company principal activity. The company objective is to ensure an information processing system’s service continuity, and to ensure error correction and prevention in compliance with ITIL and ISO rules. Service level agreements guarantee their service quality.

Pilote Line

Pilote Line enables one to guarantee the operation of an information system during the time lapses and days which the client defines, and more particularly, when a working team is not available.
Pilote Line’s operational perimeter includes part of, or all of, your information system according to the strategic character of the services and applications. The quality of the service is based on a preliminary audit, procedures and service level agreements formalisation.

The service includes:

Audit and consulting – using ITIL

The audit and counselling activity includes IT Service Management, industrialisation and optimisation.
In five main fields the company play’s an active part:

Audit of IT operating: Audit was elaborated from an analysis method designed by Sextant-SI and ITIL-compliant

Audit of ITIL directives in order to:

Security audit. IT service security audit elaborated following risk analysis methods approved by the biggest insurance companies

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